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Each guide will take you through practical planning strategies to help you feel confident with your decision to stay alocohol-free


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Sober Survival Guides For Every Social Gathering

Vacations, Birthdays, Holidays, Date Nights, and MORE!!!

Ever Feel Like This?

I have a great routine during the week, but once the weekend hits, TGIF carries over to Sunday

Not drinking on the weekdays is easy… I have lots of routines, but when a special occasion arises, like date nights, I tell myself a glass won’t hurt. Besides it makes me feel sexy– and that’s what date night is about, right?

I have been feeling really good after taking a break from alcohol, but I feel like I’ve earned a drink for all my hard work. 

Once I start back up, I can’t stop thinking about when my next drink is and start putting limitations on my drinking habits-again. 

I can’t imagine being on vacation without a drink in hand.

The holidays are the hardest for me to stay sober. Everyone around me is full of ‘the cheer’.’ I don’t want to feel left out and not on everyone’s level during the festivities. 

It’s my party. I can drink if I want to. But secretly, I don’t really. I just want to feel young, vibrant, youthful and free. 

Everytime I ‘slip up’ I end up drinking more frequently, more often, more casually becomes a daily norm and I am tired of it. 

My friends all drink and I don’t want to be singled out. I am afraid they won’t want to hang out with me if I don’t partake.

I don’t know how to talk about my drinking or lack thereof with people. 

I seem to lose sight of why I wanted to quit drinking in the first place so I end up talking myself into a drink- just one, even though I don’t want to.

I love wine. I just love the taste of it and I enjoy the customary aspects of drinking. I don’t think AF drinks are for me. 

I find myself full of anxiety at social gatherings that it’s just easier to drink about it.

I get so mad at myself for not being able to stay sober at a girl’s night out, how am I going to get through the holidays? 


Each of these products has all of this in mind. I share the practical tips and strategies I have learned in my own sober journey in each of these resources. 

Inspired by other people’s stories? Check out the digital magazines.

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“I’m all about having healthy options to drink and enjoy when I socialize and travel. This magazine is a great resource!” -Jenn Kautsch (aka @sobersis)


“How to Plan your Sober Vacation” is a must-read for those of you who are planning a trip sans alcohol. This magazine has everything from personal stories to practical tips to take with you to have the best vacay of your life. Before I stopped drinking, I could not imagine Maui without a MaiTai. It turned out to be the best vacation of my life. Between the sunrises and sunsets were beautiful days unimpaired by alcohol, hangovers, or arguments. Without alcohol, Maui was even more beautiful, relaxing, and healing. Thank you, Patty for showing that vacations AF can be amazing." -Peggie Cooney author of This Side of Alcohol


"I would highly recommend this. Whether you want to slow down on your drinking for health reasons, or want to be sober this has such a variety of ideas. I also find that it will be helpful to use some of these ideas to help other people who are trying to cut back on their drinking 100% or even just slow down on it. There is so much information here and it’s all in one place. Such a great great magazine." --Ann Lythjohan


"This magazine is thought-provoking, light, reflective and easy to read. It provides practical advice and real-life stories from those who have done the work and lived to tell about it!"--Kristen Fish-Peterson

These Resources Help You Plan Things Like:

-How to get aligned with your ‘why’

-How to connect with your playful side

-Redesign what your vision of a good time consists of

-How use visualization to your advantage

-Decide what to drink, say, and do instead of using alcohol

-What to do when you are having a craving

I have been there. And I have never regretted waking up hangover free.

Helping sober curious people everyday!

If you trying to drink less or not at all join the community.


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