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"What Experiences Do You Want This Vacation" 7 Day Email Journal Course

"What Experiences Do You Want This Vacation" 7 Day Email Journal Course

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You have been working really hard on your healthy habits. You're drinking less, cutting back or abstaining from alcohol completely and you are recognizing the benefits everyday!

But, you are feeling anxious about your upcoming vacation.
You know alcohol isn't good for you, but still, vacation and drinking go hand in hand. Don't they?

You don't want the to, but aren't sure what to do about that.
Don't worry, I've got you!

For 7 days, we'll be together, learning and writing about your plan for your upcoming trip in a video email lesson. Each day, you will be asked to answer 2 journal prompts to help you decide what kind of experiences you want to have on your vacation.

I want you to feel confident in your resolve to stay sober this trip. I want you to feel relaxed, knowing that you have a plan so you can sit back and go with the flow of the adventure grateful for the refreshing alcohol-free beverage in your hand.

Just select I want this! and follow the check out instructions. Be sure to check your inbox for

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Why You Should Say YES and Work With Me...

Hi, I'm Patty McMahon, M. Ed in Curriculum, Instruction, Innovation, and Design

Creator of Sober Sense for Millennial Moms 21 Day Dry Challenge, How To Plan Your Sober [Blank], and P. Mac Insights on living well. 

After sacrificing my evenings with my family for mommy wine time and feeling like crap the next day only to repeat the wine routine, I decided I was sick and tired of letting my hangover get the best of me. 

But putting down the glass wasn't easy. After dozens of attempts to moderate, restrict, or refrain from drinking entirely, I only found myself slipping further into the bottle. I started feeling depressed. I would wake up and say terrible things to myself for 'doing it again.' 

I noticed I became more easily irritated at my children and felt unable to cope with the demands of my job. I locked myself in my Classroom and cried one morning because a colleague asked me to make copies. 

I was a teacher during the pandemic. Everything was messed up. I thought I deserved the right to drink my evening wine. But after googling, am I an alcoholic for the umpteenth time, I realized I needed to make a change. 

Over the course of a year, I studied how to be sober as if it were my master's thesis and began not only to quit drinking but became uninterested in it entirely. I can't unlearn what I have learned about how alcohol affects your brain. I can't deny the benefits of sober living. I catch myself smiling for no reason and realize this is the feeling of lasting joy. 

And as an educator, I know about the connection between our thoughts and how we learn based on current brain research. I was blown away by the science of alcohol's physiological side effects.

Did you know it takes 10 days or so to recover from one night of drinking?   

And I want to teach you what I know.

All of my products, guides and programs include scientifically backed information, experiential data not only from me, but also my clients.

Now, I invite you to gain some sober sense without the glass in your hand.